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We offer pressure washing, vacuuming, sweeping and more!

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All of our cleaning methods are environmentally safe and eco-friendly. Our goal is to provide the utmost professional quality service to ensure that your "Traveling Billboard" represents your company's highest standards.

We provide water collection processes that abide by federal, state, and local ordinances to help protect our environment. We can also provide a wash mat system to collect water on dirt, gravel, or other irregular surfaces.

Serving All Areas of Connecticut

Bring Your Equipment and Trucks to us at Our Wash Bay

We can wash your dump trucks, tractors, or regular trucks in our wash bay. We use a very unique two-step detergent that we manufacture to give you the best cleaning possible. We also offer heavy equipment cleaning such as excavators, bobcats, and even lawn equipment. We offer precision cleaning in detail to remove grease and dirt from grease fittings, etc. Why do you want us to clean your equipment at our site? To prevent water pollution on your site. We have the proper facility to clean your equipment and the chemical technology to do cleaning like you can't imagine. Give us a try. By appointment only.

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Serving All Areas of Connecticut

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a Fleet Washing Company?

When you manage a fleet, the appearance of it is the face of your company. Therefore, it becomes important that you maintain a clean appearance of your vehicle. Getting the trucks washed on a regular basis would ensure that you don't spend much later on towards cleaning related jobs of your fleet. It's difficult to take up the entire job all by yourself, so consider hiring a professional fleet washing company for your business. There are numerous advantages associated with hiring a professional cleaning company.

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Serving All Areas of Connecticut

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